Listen Up, Won’t You?

Want to know what makes me tick? Why I write my fingers off, even on weekends when I could be reading trashy, mindless novels instead? I was privileged to be an early guest on legendary marketer Christopher Lochhead’s insanely irreverent podcast, “Follow Your Different.”

During the conversation, we chat with a writer I really admire, Dushka Zapata, about the motivation behind the 2018 book, “Niche Down,” which I co-authored with Christopher and which forced me to live way outside my personal comfort zone for most of last year. Well, at least for the first seven months. I just got my first royalty check, and that was a great feeling! I haven’t managed to cash it yet.

I’m not sure whether I’ll ever dive into the process of writing another book — something will need to appeal to my heart very strongly for me to take on that responsibility. But I really loved the process of creating this one. It reminded me, again, of why “following your different” is such a great career strategy. Even if you’re not the entrepreneurial sort (being little Miss rule follower, I definitely am NOT), being honest to yourself is one of the best self-gifts ever. I love being able to use my writer’s voice to tell the story of courageous individuals who have dared to create and inhabit their own niche. You can follow my latest work at

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