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From the inventor of cubism Pablo Picasso to Spanx founder Sara Blakely, the people we admire most in the world are original, unique, different. They take risks, claim new ground. They do not fit in, they stand out.

And they do not compete for attention in the traditional sense.

My book, Niche Down, co-authored with legendary marketer Christopher Lochhead, examines how legendary people — especially legendary entrepreneurs — introduce the world to new ways of thinking and solving problems. Our philosophy: to succeed in creating your own niche, you must exploit the exponential value of what makes you different vs. the incremental value of what makes you better. By doing so, you can conquer a market category that you design, becoming its de facto queen or king.

The “Hello from GreenTechLady” site is an extension of our thesis, focused on entrepreneurs creating niches in the “category” of responsible business.