Changes In Store

I’m interrupting my usual fare of technocultural copy to note two very important updates that are happening this week in my professional blogging life. Actually, there are three, but two are related.

First, I’ve been named a Senior Writer for, a site that covers exactly what it sounds like. I’ve actually been contributing there since last year, but will be increasing the frequency of my contributions. I’m fine-tuning my coverage focus this week….
Next, the bittersweet news: I’ll be wrapping up the GreenTech Pastures blog at ZDNet. Not because there isn’t an interest in clean technologies like solar panels or energy management software, but because much of the coverage that traditionally has been featured there is moving into many of the other mainstream blogs on the network. 
This, in my opinion, is a good thing. 
And, it leaves me free to start another blog: “Next-Gen Partner.” I’ll be covering enterprise software, networking, data center and cloud integrators who will play a role in helping businesses of all sizes deploy next-generation IT infrastructure – especially public, private and hybrid clouds.

The goal is to help ZDNet readers make more informed choices about the partners and service providers they choose for their next-generation IT transformation projects. 
I’m thinking this will be a very fun topic indeed! I’ll update you all with the link when it goes live on March 1, 2013.

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