Forget Frommers, check out this site featuring local attractions

You and the rest of us technophiles have doubtless read about Google’s buy of the Frommer’s content library today — a deal made all the more interesting given the travel company’s relationship with Microsoft. But don’t you get kind of sick about going to the places EVERYONE is going or that are too big not to mention?

If so, you might want to look at a site called RoadTrippers, in honor of the great American road trip tradition.  The big pitch is the the businesses and sites mentioned are focused on hidden gems and local traditions.

The site curates and compiles reviews and information collected locally. It includes booking, local travel reviews and navigation tips for the trips you are planning.  It was started by a couple that prefers taking back roads regardless of whether it is the direct or quickest route.    

Just for the heck of it, I plugged in a road trip from my house in New Jersey to a cottage in Falcin Lake, Manitoba that has been in my father’s family for many years. I was able to pick some parks as a diversion along the way, like the Waterloo Fireman’s Park in Wareloo, Wisconsin, which features a 100-year-old historic carousel.

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