Two-timing viewers: More people use tablets while watching TV

I can’t claim personal knowledge of this particular habit, but a new-ish report from Nielsen suggests that almost half of Americans who own tablet computers (45 percent) actually use them while watching television.

This explains (for me at least) the rise in the number of people who use tablet computers to make purchases from e-commerce sites. In fact, as I reported in a SmartPlanet post today, tablets are now responsible for roughly the same amount of purchases as “regular” desktop or notebook computers.
You can imagine someone sitting in front of their TV, browsing their tablet during commercial breaks, and acting on impulse to purchase something they hear about. Puts a new twist on the concept of subliminal advertising, doesn’t it?
Thank goodness we are encouraged to turn off our mobile devices in movie theaters or people might start acting on all those product placements.

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