E-readers make for good bedfellows

Woefully behind on updating this blog, what with actually having the nerve to take some vacation earlier this month and actually being lucky enough to be overbooked with work. So, while the husband is out riding his motorcycle on this fine Memorial Day, I'm sifting through some of the data that I've gathered about gadgets and their impact on life in general.

Since summer-time reading is bound to be on most of your minds', here is one from Nielsen Co. Some data they released a couple of weeks ago illustrates WHERE people are likely to use their favorite electronic devices. Turns out that most e-reader owners take their devices to bed, like you would do with a book. But they are more likely to use their smartphone or tablet computer while hunkered down in front of the television.

Surprised, I'm not. E-readers seem to me a rather solitary device, while what you're doing with a smartphone or tablet is interactive. You are probably commenting on the show you are watching or maybe multitasking by going through your email during commercials. 

The Nielsen data is based on a survey of 12,000 “connected device” owners.


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