Well, That’s Embarrassing!

Apparently, I have far more readers at my modest and very neglected personal blog, Technophile, than I heretofore realized. I just discovered dozens of messages trapped in Ninja forms purgatory.

So, first, my apologies to those who never heard from me when you reached out many months ago.

Second, I’m going through your messages now, with an eye to responding to those who have stories I’d be interested in telling. You have been warned.

And third, I’m paying more attention now. You can expect more opining here soon that is related to, but not entirely appropriate for my “real” soapbox at GreenBiz.

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Author: Heather Clancy

Heather’s articles have appeared in Entrepreneur, Fortune, The International Herald Tribune and The New York Times. She is editorial director for GreenBiz.com, and was the launch editor of FORTUNE Data Sheet, a daily dose of enterprise technology news.